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Recruitment of students
(for those who wish to enroll in our laboratory)

Our laboratory accepts students in the Master’s/Ph.D. Program as one of mainstay divisions of department of chemistry in the Osaka University. We welcome students from undergraduate students of faculty of science in Osaka University as well as those from other universities and non-specialists in physics chemistry. For bachelor grade 4 and graduate students who are interested in our laboratories, please feel free to contact us.

Takahiro Ueda, Professor of Osaka University

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For details of the entrance examination, refer to the website of the Department of Chemistry major of graduate school science.

Admission policy
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Research does not always go well. If anything, there are more people to face difficulties. In that case, it is important to tackle the challenge with your own thoughts. To do that, it is necessary to be positive and vigorous and to be able to positively think anything. In other words, I am looking for a person who likes to study and who can work on research with curiosity, motivation, and enthusiasm. Also, research cannot be done alone. It is something that will be matured in helping and being saved, in the relationship between people and people. Therefore, it goes without saying that communication skills are needed to actively communicate with the surrounding people such as other students, researchers, faculty members, etc. and to establish good human relations.

About the laboratory

In research activities, it is necessary to understand the research background, highlight the problems, and to conduct experiments and observations based on appropriate working hypotheses. In addition, it is required to appropriately analyze the data obtained, to conduct appropriate discussions based on the research purposes, and to transmit new discoveries as academic papers in a comprehensive manner. To that end, we need to learn about the previous works from a daily perspective, collect a wide range of academic information, and learn to compensate for the insufficient academic background and skills of ourselves. The time spent in the laboratory is limited. Please send your life in the laboratory with clear purpose and problem consciousness.

In the laboratory, we will hold a laboratory seminar once a week. Here, we will report the research progress and introduce the latest paper. In spring and autumn, I will participate in related conferences and make presentations about our research. We aim to make presentations at conferences or research meetings once every six months. The main academic conferences are the annual meetings of The Chemical Society of Japan, The Japan Society for Molecular Science, Japan Adsorption Society and the divisional meeting of Division of Colloid and Surface Chemistry.

Laboratory for Molecular Adsorption

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